Entries from June 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Date June 20, 2010

We made it make to the USA!!  It was a 9 1/2 hour flight from Warsaw and we made it without to much difficulty, but little sleep.  Of course we had some excitement right before leaving our apartment in Warsaw Luke fell and smashed his face on the wood floor.  He was bleeding from his [...]

Three Days and counting!

Date June 14, 2010

It is hard to believe we are leaving in just three days!!  We actually only have two full days left because we leave for the airport at 1pm Thursday and our flight leaves at 4:35pm.  We will be in Chicago by 7:40pm local time.  It is truly bittersweet.  We have enjoyed our time here immensely!!  [...]

It’s HOT!!

Date June 11, 2010

We have been sweating it out the last few days here in Warsaw.  It has been reminiscent of our 2006 trip to Europe when it was 90 degrees plus everyday and air conditioning is hard to come by!!  We made a trip to one of the palaces on the outskirts of Warsaw yesterday.  It was [...]

Excursion to Krakow

Date June 8, 2010

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!  I enjoyed my birthday and our excursion to Krakow the last two days.  Today we continued the celebrating by going out to eat for some sushi!!  Krakow was beautiful, sunny, and crowded!  It is a very popular destination.  The city of Krakow was very fortunate to go [...]